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By Flight

Due to the Qiongzhou Strait separating Hainan from the mainland, transportation to Hainan may not be as convenient. If you wish to visit Hainan, there are several options to get there. You can take a flight from mainland China to Hainan, as there are 3 airports on the island. Alternatively, you can also take a ferry or a train from the mainland to Hainan. 

The most popular way to get to Hainan Island is by flight. There are 3 airports in Hainan Island, one is Haikou Meilan airport located in Haikou city, and then is Sanya Phoenix Airport, and the new one is Boao airport. There are more than 30 direct flights to the island from other cities in China  and some international airlines. so if there is no direct flight from your departing city to Sanya, you can fly to Haikou or Boao, then take bus or bullet train down to Sanya, otherwise, you can fly to Sanya via Guangzhou because there will be around 10 flights from Guangzhou to Sanya daily and needs only 60 minutes.

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