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Information of Sanya

Sanya is the second largest city on Hainan Island. The whole of Sanya is related to the sea. Here you can enjoy a unique tropical oceanic landscape and all year round

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History of Sanya

According to a report from archaeologists, the Luobi Cave was the living area for original Hainan inhabitants about 10 thousand years ago. Sanya was called Zhuya dring

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Climate of Sanya

Sanya is the best resort in China due to its ideal climate. It is like summer all the year round. The annual average temperature is 25.4 C, with the highest monthly te

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Population and People in Sanya

The total population in Sanya is approximately 755,000. The main nationalities are Han, Li, Miao and Hui. The minorities, including Li, Miao and Hui have their own lan

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Beaches in Sanya

Sanya Beaches mirror the experience one would have in Hawaii. This tropical holiday destination is located in the Hainan Islands in China. It is blessed with the most

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Dining and Drinks in Sanya

As an international seashore resort destination, Sanya offers a wide selection of cuisines from all over the world besides the local foods.

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Shopping in Sanya

Shopping is also a must on your journey, so don't forget to choose some sea products, local coffee, coconut candy, tropical fruits and beautiful decorations such as pe

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