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Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay: Yalong Bay is honored “the first bay in the world”, situated in the same latitudes as Hawaii and enjoys similar temperatures and weather conditions, about 25 km east of Sanya. Yalong Bay is one of the most famous and pristine beaches in Sanya. With its crescent-shaped coastline, soft white sand, and clear turquoise waters, it is often referred to as the "Oriental Hawaii." Yalong Bay is a crescent-shaped bay with a 7-kilometer-long silver-white sandy beach. The South China Sea here is unpolluted, with clean and transparent waters that display various shades of blue in the distance. The diverse coral species underwater make it a great spot for activities such as diving, allowing clear observation of the coral reefs, making the underwater world a highlight for local tourism. The beach is lined with luxurious resorts and offers a range of water sports and beachside amenities. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR OUR HOTEL RECOMMENDATION ON YALONG BAY