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Shimei Bay in Wanning city (near Xinglong)


Shimei Bay  is located at the Hainan Xinglong exit of the Hainan East Expressway. It is a pristine tropical landscape surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one side. The bay is characterized by beautiful mountain shapes, with two peaks extending into the sea at both ends of the long beach. The bay is covered with lush vegetation, including vast coconut groves and tropical crops such as rubber trees, creating a picturesque contrast. With its white sandy beaches, blue sea, and clear skies, the bay features green belts of plum trees, streams, lakes, peculiar rocks on beautiful islands, gentle waves, and soft sandy beaches, presenting a breathtaking view. The harbor is usually calm, and the beach stretches for about 7 kilometers, with water depth no more than 3 meters within a hundred meters from the shore.

Shimei Bay consists of two crescent-shaped bays, with a six-kilometer coastline of pristine beaches surrounded by lush vegetation and gentle slopes. It has been acclaimed by experts from the World Tourism Organization as the most beautiful undeveloped bay in Hainan. The area is rich and diverse in natural resources, incorporating blue seas, green mountains, white sandy beaches, unique rocks, interconnected islands, coconut groves, streams, and beautiful islets, creating a pristine tropical ecological landscape filled with natural beauty.

There are 2 beachfront resorts. Please click 
here for the hotels on the Bay, Le Méridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort&Spa, and Shimei Bay Westin Resort

Jenny’s tip: and closer to the golf course. So it is the best for those who wish to leave away from the noisy city and the tourists, or those who will play golf.