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Riyue Wan Bay (near Xinglong)

Riyue Bay, located 168 kilometers from Haikou City and 87 kilometers from Sanya City, is a famous surfing destination. Riyue Bay, is one of the world's areas with high-quality point and beach breaks. The water here is clear, with an average annual temperature of around 26.5°C, making it suitable for surfing all year round. From October to March of the following year, there are 2-meter tall waves that last for half a year. The waves are long, powerful, and frequent, making it the best surfing spot in China, loved by surfers from home and abroad!

Every year, Riyue Bay hosts various high-level domestic and international surfing events, including the "WSL Women's Longboard Surfing Championship," "WSL Men's Longboard Surfing Championship," "ISA China Cup Men and Women Shortboard Competition," "ASP Men's Shortboard Hainan Elite Tournament," "WSL Women's Shortboard Championship Qualifiers," and "Surfing Hainan Open." These events bring together top surfers from around the world, making Riyue Bay a focal point of the global surfing scene and a renowned surfing destination. 

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Jenny's tip: no need entrance fee, near the high-express way, there is no moderate accommodation on the  beach. The best destination for surf. There is one surf club on the bay. If you wish to experience surf, can get help from them.