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Boundary Island (Fenjiezhou Island)

Boundary Island, is located in the southeast sea area of Hainan Island, with the nearest distance from the shore being about 1.2 nautical miles. It takes approximately 10 minutes by boat to travel one way. The small island stretches from northeast to southwest, lying horizontally in the blue sea, with an area of about 0.41 square kilometers and a coastline of 2,876 meters. It is composed of two low and small peaks, with the highest elevation of 100.9 meters in the northern peak and 96.1 meters in the southern peak. The Island is an uninhabited island. It is about 60 kilometers from Sanya and 180 kilometers from Haikou.

The tourism zone of Fenjiezhou Island in Hainan started trial operation in April 2004 and was designated as a National 5A-level tourist attraction by the National Tourism Administration in January 2013. It is a national island-type 5A-level tourist attraction. With its unique geographical location, magical climate changes, peculiar island topography, and distinct regional cultural characteristics, the Island has long been renowned as the "Boundary Island" and "Beauty Island."

As the boundary between the climatic zones of northern and southern Hainan, the Island is an important cultural boundary between minority ethnic areas such as the Li, Miao, and Hui, and the Han areas on Hainan Island. It used to mark the administrative boundary between Qiongzhou Prefecture in the north and Yazhou Prefecture in the south, as well as the administrative boundary between Lingshui County and Wanning City. It is also known as the "spiritual boundary" where people can change their moods and find inner peace.

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