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Dadonghai: situated about 3 km from the centre of the city and just off the main road. The water temperature is about 20 degrees even in winter, hence its reputation as an ideal spot for winter holidaying and relaxation. The beach's close proximity to the city means that it can get very busy here but this remains a pleasant and convenient spot to kick off your shoes, soak up the rays and swim in the sea. Like most of the beaches around Sanya, this is a truly tropical beach with 3 km of white sand curving round a crescent shaped bay, warm blue seas and palm trees. The beach has a bustling atmosphere with a wide range of dining options, water sports, and souvenir shops. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR OUR HOTEL RECOMMENDATION ON DADONGHAI.

Jenny's tip: like public beach sunbath area, can see both tourists and locals on the beach. can see the sunrise from your balcony if you stay on beachfront. But it is quite noisy in the evening as some restaurants close late with loud music.