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West Island

West Island (Xidao Island), located in Sanya, is the largest indigenous tourism island in Hainan, with a total area of 2.8 square kilometers. The surrounding waters are part of a national-level coral reef nature reserve and are recognized as one of the world's top diving destinations. Here, you can find clear waters, soft sandy beaches, coconut groves, towering rocky coastlines, and a vibrant underwater world. Xidao Island offers thrilling water sports, stylish underwater sightseeing, and relaxing beach experiences, combining the pristine natural beauty with the rustic charm of a fishing village.

The Fishing Village on the island, boasts a history of over 400 years. Visitors can immerse themselves in the authentic fishing village life by strolling through the century-old village, experiencing ancient villages, listening to folk songs, savoring local cuisine, appreciating the cultural heritage, and staying in local guesthouses. The simple and carefree life of the fishing village adds a touch of warmth to your stay on the island. While preserving the century-old cultural history of the fishing village, the island Fishing Village showcases a fusion of art and culture by combining the wisdom and resources of the government, society, domestic and foreign cultural scholars, and fishing village residents. The village has become an art and cultural visual feast, with art pieces that exude the unique charm of the fishing village and a touch of artistic atmosphere at every corner.

In this ancient fishing village, traces of time and the unique way of life of fishermen can be seen everywhere. The tranquil alleys, adorned by centuries-old houses, are bathed in gentle sunlight, disappearing among the blooming roses. The entire quiet alley tells the stories of the fishing village's centuries-old history. Xidao Island, renowned as a "diving paradise," is encompassed by Sanya Bay, with its azure waters and tranquil tides, offering a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Here, you can experience the exhilarating thrill of competing with speed and waves, immersing yourself in the enchanting charm of the vast blue ocean. Enjoy a wide range of water sports, including sailing, parasailing, flyboarding, jet skiing, banana boat rides, flying fish boats, speedboats, and the Wibit Aquatic Playground, among more than 20 options.

With the opening up of the Fishing Village, more and more people have fallen in love with the tranquility and peaceful fishing village life across the sea. Staying overnight on the island and experiencing the authentic islander life has become a dream for many. In this outdoor paradise-like ancient fishing village, numerous unique guesthouses and inns have emerged, including west island Courtyard, offering a soothing seaside experience; luxurious villas with double swimming pools and sea views; artistic and fresh tavern courtyards; waterfront hostels where you can hear the sound of waves, and old houses nestled in alleyways. Each of these distinctive guest accommodations provides visitors with a different island living experience.