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Population and People in Sanya

The total population in Sanya is approximately 755,000. Sanya is home to a diverse mix of people, including the Han Chinese who make up the majority of the population. Additionally, there are several ethnic minorities in the region, such as the Li, Miao, and Hui, who have their own unique cultures, traditions, and languages. But they all can speak Chinese, so communication is convenient. 

The local people of Sanya are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. Many residents rely on tourism as the city's main industry, and they take pride in showcasing the beauty of their hometown to visitors. Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Sanya also attracts people from various parts of China and the world who come to work and live in the city.

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The Li peopleare original inhabitants of Hainan island, who have their own style of living, food, costumes, marriage and festivals.

 The Miao people are belived to move to Hainan from Guangxi Province, as many of their old songs describe guangxi’s landscape and Lu Ban, the Miao’s creator of the world. A lot of traditional herb medicines have been developed.

 The Hui peoplein Sanya live in the Huihui and Huixin villages of the Phoenix Town, who have a talent for engaging in trade. They have their own language which is different from other local dialects and is called Huihui dialect. The Hui people believe in Islamism and pray five times every day in accordance with the Koran. Some Hui historic sites can be found in Sanya such as steles, tombs, and mosques.

Around the local markets, there are many women wearing headscarves, chewing the common food of Hainan people, and selling mobile phones and pearls. They are Hui people If you come here for tourism, on both sides of Fenghuang Road Street, you will see pearl and jade stores, Xinjiang cuisine during the period, and you can see the spires of the mosque from a distance. No matter how hot it is, there are women wearing headscarves and robes riding motorcycles. This is the unique style of the Hui Muslim Village in Sanya.

In the past, fishing was the main occupation, with men going out to sea for fishing and women selling along the streets. As a result, people might say that in Sanya, it is the Hui women who do business, which has formed the habit of women being in charge of trade. Nowadays, with the development of reform and opening up, Sanya has gradually transformed into a tropical tourist island city, engaging in various business activities related to tourism. And almost all of these businesses, big or small, are run by women. Traditionally, it is the men of the Hui ethnic group in China who engage in business. However, in Sanya, China, women running businesses is a distinctive feature.