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Shopping in Sanya

Shopping is also a must on your journey, so don't forget to choose some sea products, local coffee, coconut candy, tropical fruits and beautiful decorations such as pearl and christal necklace, coconut crafts, etc for you or your friends and relatives back home. 

1. Sanya Walking Street Situated in the heart of Sanya, Jiefang Road is a bustling pedestrian street known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse shops. It offers a mix of department stores, boutiques, souvenir shops, and local specialty stores. Visitors can explore various goods such as clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and traditional Chinese products.


2. Local Markets: To experience the local flavor and find unique souvenirs, visiting local markets in Sanya is a must. Sanya First Market and Sanya Second Market are bustling markets offering a wide range of goods such as fresh produce, seafood, spices, local handicrafts, and clothing. These markets provide an authentic glimpse into the local lifestyle and offer opportunities for bargaining.


4. Sanya Haitang Bay Duty-Free Shopping Center: Located in the Haitang Bay area, this sprawling complex is one of the largest duty-free shopping centers in Asia. It offers a vast selection of international luxury brands, including fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, and more. The center also features entertainment facilities, restaurants, and a tropical-style garden for a pleasant shopping experience.


7. Blue Sea Shopping Plaza: mainly consists of anchor stores (supermarkets, cinemas), brand retail outlets, brand dining options, and experiential businesses.


8. Sanya Summer Mall: Located in the popular Dadonghai area, Sanya Summer Mall is a modern shopping complex offering a mix of international and local brands. It houses a wide range of fashion retailers, electronics stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. With its convenient location and diverse offerings, it's a favorite shopping spot for both locals and tourists.


9. Giant Pineapple Plaza: located in the center of Sanya Dadonghai Beach and is highly eye-catching. Visitors don't need to actively search for it as it's easily visible at a glance. The architecture of this building resembles a giant pineapple, just like the pineapples we usually eat, hence it is called the "Pineapple Plaza" by people.

There are many well-known brands that have settled here, offering top-notch services. The shopping mall has a complete range of department stores, supermarkets, and entertainment facilities, catering to various consumer needs.

Shopping in Sanya offers a mix of international brands, local specialties, and cultural experiences. Whether you're looking for luxury goods or searching for authentic local products, Sanya's diverse shopping destinations provide plenty of choices for every shopper. 

From luxury shopping centers to local markets, Sanya has something for every shopper. Whether you're looking for high-end brands, unique local products, or budget-friendly finds, the shopping scene in Sanya offers a diverse and exciting experience. Just call Jenny if you need more information when you are in Sanya.