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Attractions of Xinglong

Xinglong Tropical Botanic Garden is the biggest tropical botanic garden covers around 34,000 sq.meters. It is not only a famous tourism place, but also the biggest tropical agriculture and flavor research institute of China. It deserves the name of “tropical plants encyclopedia” with more than 1200 kinds of tropical plants such as antiar tree, eucalypt, teak, spindle tree fir, bread tree, coco tree, pepper plants and vanilla, etc. It is also the largest garden of Vanilla in China.

Entrance Fee: RMB50 per person.

Opening hours: 8am-5pm, daily

Jenny’s tip: if you visit there, you must try the local coffee and tea, which are provided free of charge in the Garden. And you could buy some back home to your friends. Except the local coffee and tea, you must try the tropical fruit called “mystery fruit”. You eat the fruit first, then when you eat the sour orange or bitter food, the tastes will be getting sweet.   

Xinglong tropical botanical garden


Indonesian Village features Indonesian singing, dancing, snake acts and a complimentary cup of super-sweet local coffee. As many Indonesian live here, you can enjoy dofferemt Indonesian dancing shows, umbrella dance, candle dance, plate dance, coconut shell dance and fan dance.


Shimei Bay  is also called a virgin bay due to its under development. It covers roughly 1,200 hectares. The southeastern side is the South China Sea, which blesses the subject site with a splendid beach stretching 6km. The remaining surroundings are embraced by lush hillsides intertwined by crystal-clear brooks meandering into the sea. With no man-made destructions or developments, and being home to a few scattered habitations,the area retains the tropical, primitive charm that is unique to Hainan Island. It is an environmentally sustainable tourism site of sublime beauty. The site is surrounded by lush hillsides from the west, north and east with the south facing the South China Sea. Please click here for the hotels on the Bay, Le Méridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort&Spa, and Shimei Bay Westin Resort, which are the only beachfront resorts there right now .

Jenny’s tip: and closer to the golf course. So it is the best for those who wish to leave away from the noisy city and the tourists, or those who will play golf.


Riyue Bay, located 168 kilometers from Haikou City and 87 kilometers from Sanya City, is a famous surfing destination. Riyue Bay, is one of the world's areas with high-quality point and beach breaks. The water here is clear, with an average annual temperature of around 26.5°C, making it suitable for surfing all year round. From October to March of the following year, there are 2-meter tall waves that last for half a year. The waves are long, powerful, and frequent, making it the best surfing spot in China, loved by surfers from home and abroad!

Every year, Riyue Bay hosts various high-level domestic and international surfing events, including the "WSL Women's Longboard Surfing Championship," "WSL Men's Longboard Surfing Championship," "ISA China Cup Men and Women Shortboard Competition," "ASP Men's Shortboard Hainan Elite Tournament," "WSL Women's Shortboard Championship Qualifiers," and "Surfing Hainan Open." These events bring together top surfers from around the world, making Riyue Bay a focal point of the global surfing scene and a renowned surfing destination. 

Jenny's tip: no need entrance fee, near the high-express way, there is no moderate accommodation on the  beach.