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Information of Xinglong

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Xinglong, located on Hainan’s eastern coast, famous for its natural hotspring, tropical agriculture, rubber, coffee, pepper, and so on. Xinglong is the largest coffee production destination of China. It is the biggest agricultural base ran by oveaseas Chinese from South East Asia who moved to Xinglong in 1952 due to the bad relationship between Chinese & South East Asia courtiers including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philipphines, etc. 1.5 hours from Sanya, and 2.5 hours from Haikou.

The most beautiful bay near Xinglong Town is Shimei Bay. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on one side, adjacent to the beach. Here, you can witness breathtaking views of the sea and natural landscapes, with blue skies, white clouds, and sandy beaches that harmonize with the mountains. It's incredibly serene and therapeutic to indulge in the beauty of this place. Additionally, there is the surfing paradise known as Riyue Bay, often referred to as "Little Hawaii." You can admire the mountains and sea on the divine peninsula, and the abundant presence of betel palm trees and areca trees adds to the charm.

Shenzhou Peninsula is located 10 kilometers away from Xinglong. The peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides and connected to land on one side, covering an area of 24 square kilometers. It stretches 8.7 kilometers from southeast to northwest and is 2.7 kilometers wide from northeast to southwest. With an average temperature of 24.4 degrees Celsius and an annual sunshine duration of 290 days, the climate is mild and spring-like throughout the year. It is a sunny peninsula characterized by four seasons of spring and also a large-scale scenic tourist area in Wanning City, Hainan Province.

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Shimei Bay                                                    Riyue Bay

Shenzhou Peninsula