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Attractions in Wuzhishan City

Wuzhishan Mountain (Five Fingers Mountain), the highest mountain in Hainan Province and a symbol of Hainan Island, is located in the central part of the island. It has a peak altitude of 1,867 meters. The mountain got its name "Wuzhishan," meaning "Five Fingers Mountain," due to its jagged peaks resembling the fingers of a hand, formed by intense erosion and natural factors over time. Wuzhishan experiences cool mornings, hot afternoons, warm evenings, and cold nights, giving rise to the saying of "four seasons in a day."
Visitors exploring Wuzhishan can encounter precious animals such as gibbons and musk deer. Among the five "fingers" of Wuzhishan, the second finger is the highest, towering at an altitude of 1,867 meters, surpassing the elevation of Mount Tai, the highest of the "Five Great Mountains" in China, by 343 meters. The first and second fingers are separated by a deep valley, while the third, fourth, and fifth fingers are interconnected but distinct, creating a magnificent sight.
Wuzhishan is also the source of major rivers on Hainan Island. The combination of the water and the breathtaking mountain scenery forms the unique Wuzhishan landscape, attracting visitors from both domestic and international locations. To reach the main peak of Wuzhishan, one can take the Mao Yang route from the north of Wuzhishan City. It takes approximately 7 hours by foot or a couple of hours by car to reach the foot of the mountain. From there, starting with the first finger, visitors can climb to the highest peak via a stone bridge known as the "Heaven's Bridge." Standing at the summit, one can enjoy panoramic views of Hainan Island, with its undulating mountains and swirling sea of clouds, experiencing a sense of being on top of the world.
Surrounding Wuzhishan, there is a traditional settlement of the Li ethnic group, where visitors can savor mountainous wild rice wine and Wuzhishan tea.