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Boao, the water town, is located at the east of Qionghai city, Hainan island, emerges at the meeting points of three famous river (Wanquan, Jiuqu, and Longgun), characterized by rivers, lakes, sea, sandy beach, mountains, hot spring, etc. 1.5 hours driving from Haikou Meilan Airport, and 2 hours driving from Sanya. You can be also landed at the Boao Airport.

It is also famous because of the Asia Forum (BFA) every year which is internationally recognized as the venue for the annual Boao Forum for Asia, a high-level conference that brings together political and business leaders from across the region, aims to promote economic integration and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. This event attracts influential figures from governments, business, and academia. The forum provides a platform for dialogue, exchange of ideas, and collaboration on regional and global issues. Boao has become synonymous with discussions on economic growth, regional integration, and sustainable development. It serves as a symbol of China's commitment to fostering dialogue and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Before that, Boao is a small quiet village, which the people there is living depends on fishing hunting. 
Boao is not only known for the BFA and scenic beauty but also for its rich cultural heritage. The town is home to the Boao Li Minority Culture Village, where visitors can immerse themselves in the traditions and customs of the Li ethnic minority group. Here, you can observe traditional Li architecture, enjoy cultural performances, and learn about their unique way of life.
On February 28, 2013, the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone was established and approved by the State Council. It is located between the urban area of Jiaji Town in Qionghai City and the core area of the Boao Forum for Asia, along the banks of the Wanquan River. The pilot zone adopts a management system of "statutory institutions + platform companies" and focuses on the development of licensed medical services, health management, care and rehabilitation, medical aesthetics, and anti-aging industries related to international medical tourism. It gathers high-end international and domestic medical tourism services and achievements in international cutting-edge medical technology. It aims to create an internationally-renowned industrial cluster for medical technology and services. Premier Li Keqiang has praised it as the "second chapter" of the Boao Forum for Asia.
The Lecheng Pilot Zone is positioned as the pioneer area for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port (also called Hainan Free Trade Port Boao Hope City). It is the only pilot area on the Chinese mainland that applies real-world data. The planned area of the zone extends from the northwest to the Donghuan Railway and from the southeast to Lecheng Island, with a north-south distance of approximately 10 kilometers. The total area is 20.9 square kilometers, with a planned construction land area of 10.64 square kilometers.
Boao is also famous for its delicious seafood. As a coastal town, it offers a wide array of fresh seafood delicacies, including prawns, crabs, fish, and shellfish. Local restaurants and seafood markets are popular among both locals and tourists, allowing visitors to savor the flavors of Hainan's coastal cuisine.
Besides the seafood, you must not miss the snacks: Ji Shi Teng Soup, Mango pudding, Coconut Ba, etc.
"Ji Shi Teng Soup" is a distinctive snack in Qionghai. It is a vine-like plant that grows all year round. The leaves have a unique taste, hence the name "Ji Shi Teng" which translates to "Chicken Shit Vine." Despite its unusual name, the taste is excellent. In the afternoons and evenings, local cereal shops are filled with people, and almost every table will have a bowl of iced Ji Shi Teng Soup with coconut milk which is your best choice for summer. 
"Coconut Ba" is also known as "Ba Za Gu". It is made from ingredients such as Chicken Shit Vine, dragon fruit, motherwort, fresh coconut shreds, cassava flour, and glutinous rice. Not only are the ingredients healthy and natural, but the colors are also pleasing to the eye. When eaten, it has a refreshing texture and a sweet and fragrant taste.
Boao's scenic landscapes and favorable climate make it an ideal destination for outdoor activities. Visitors can engage in water sports such as swimming, sailing, and surfing, or simply relax on the pristine beaches. Hiking, cycling, and golfing are also popular options for those who prefer land-based adventures.
Furthermore, the nearby Qionghai City offers additional attractions to explore. Qionghai Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Hainan, offers opportunities for boating and fishing, while the Wanquan River presents picturesque views and river cruises.
Overall, Boao offers a blend of intellectual engagement, cultural immersion, scenic beauty, and outdoor activities. Whether you are attending the Boao Forum for Asia or seeking a peaceful getaway, Boao provides an enriching and memorable experience in the tropical paradise of Hainan.