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Sanya Tourism Promotion Event Held in Russian

Reported by Hainan Daily

A 5-day tourism marketing promotion event has been held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia since September 10th, aiming to establish a cooperation platform for travel-related enterprises from both regions and accelerate the development of Sanya's inbound tourism market. 

The participating enterprises from the Sanya Economic Circle mainly cover five major service areas, including travel agencies, airlines, hotels, health and wellness, and customized travel. During the event, in-depth discussions were held with relevant Russian organizations on market trends, route selection, visa processing, and other tourism-related matters, laying a foundation for future business exchanges, market development, and attracting tourist flows. 

Russia is a key source market for inbound tourism in Sanya. According to the Sanya Tourism Development Bureau's big data platform, from 2012 to 2019, Russia consistently ranked among the top three source markets for inbound visitors to Sanya, with over 300,000 Russian tourists received in 2019. The tropical climate, sunny beaches, wellness experiences, and convenient visa-free entry policies are the main factors attracting Russian tourists to Sanya. Sanya's diverse emerging tourism formats, such as surfing, low-altitude flights, and skydiving, are popular among young Russian visitors. 

Since March 15, 2023, Hainan has reinstated visa-free entry for citizens of 59 countries, including Russia, with a maximum stay of 30 days in Sanya. Wang Rui, director of the Chinese Tourism Office in Moscow, expressed the hope that this event would strengthen exchanges between the tourism industries of China and Russia and bring richer, more interesting, convenient, and comfortable cultural and tourism experiences to the people of both countries. 

Ye Jialin, director of the Sanya Tourism Development Bureau, stated that Sanya will continuously enrich the supply of tourism products, enhance international tourism reception capabilities, and promote exchanges and interactions in tourism, culture, commerce, and other fields between Moscow and Sanya, while leveraging the advantages of the Hainan Free Trade Port policy. 

It is understood that this year, Sanya has gradually resumed or opened international and regional passenger routes to and from cities such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Jakarta, and Hanoi. Sanya will also accelerate the opening or increase the frequency of routes connecting Sanya with key source markets overseas, actively introduce various international authoritative sports events, and attract more overseas tourists to visit Sanya.