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Rent Car

Self-drive island Tours are becoming more and more popular in Hainan. Renting a car in Sanya is a convenient and fast way to travel, allowing you the freedom to plan your trip and explore more attractions and features of Sanya. For example, many people drove to Sanya during the Spring Festival this year.


1. Car rental You can freely choose the vehicle type and rental date according to your personal needs and itinerary, without the restrictions of public transport.

2. You can freely explore various scenic spots and beaches in Sanya and Hainan, as well as local specialties.

3. Car rental can be picked up at the airport or designated locations, saving the trouble of waiting for travel when arriving in Sanya.


1. Car rental costs are relatively high, especially during peak season or holidays.

2. In some scenic spots or urban areas, parking Spaces are tight and it takes a lot of time to find parking Spaces.

3. If you plan to drink alcohol while eating, it is not convenient to drive the vehicle.

In general, car rental in Sanya is a very good choice, car rental experience mainly depends on personal needs and experience, but it is necessary to consider safety and convenience factors, if there is no driver's license or lack of driving experience, it is recommended that you choose other modes of transportation.

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