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Where to Eat and Drink in Sanya

As an international seashore resort destination, Sanya offers a wide selection of cuisines from all over the world besides the local foods. You can eat extremely well, and choose many different national cuisines such as Italian, Brazil, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc. and other cities in China mainland such as Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan, etc. Please click here for information of Hainan Special Foods and Drinks.

Jenny’s Tip: you may get a name card with the prices of seafood on it during your stay, the prices seem to be very cheap and impel you to have a try, but you will pay much more out of the expectation. So you’d better not to trust them. it is a trap indeed. picks some of the special famous restaurants in Sanya

Besides the numerous restaurants served Chinese mainland and western cuisines such as Sichuan Hot-Pot, Pizza, Korean cuisines, Russian food, KFC, McDonald, here we have some special famous local restaurants in Sanya for your reference.

 Coconut Chicken Coconut Chicken, Begonia 68 Global Food Street

Cute dada coconut chicken, Yalong Bay Forest Park

Hainan cuisine Wenchang chicken ancestral master, Sanya Bay

Bund 18 Seafood, Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay, Shangri-La, Sanya

Little Dolphin Seafood Supermarket, Haitang Bay

Sanya Addison Hotel Beach Club Western Style Food, Haitang Bay

Thai Restaurant No. 1 in Coconut State, Haitang Bay

Qiongzhou dregs vinegar Hainan sour soup hot pot, Haitangwan 68 Global Food Street

Wenchang little brother dregs vinegar seafood hot pot, Sanya Bay

The tide is hidden, Blue Ocean Shopping Plaza

Lok Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant, Sanya Bay

Dongrong Xi Family Port pie Cantonese seafood, Yalong Bay

Alang chain Seafood restaurant, First market

Gong Manxi Tin, Big East Sea/Song of Youth

Tai Yue Xuan Thai Cafe Restaurant, Sanya Bay

Longquan Xianzhuang farmhouse, Zhongliao village

Jing Xi 1981 Litchi wood roast duck, Dadonghai

Nanhai Li Village Hainan national cuisine, Yalong Bay00000