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Sanya Local Nightlife

As Sanya continues to grow, with more bars, restaurants, night markets and shopping malls moving into Sanya, offering all types of entertainment and activities, Sanya's nightlife seems to shift in a different direction every week.


Explore the night market, enjoy late night snacks, and satisfy the desire for late night shopping. The most dynamic place in Sanya at night is undoubtedly the night market! In the past two years, Sanya has opened a lot of night markets, there are a few major night markets, tourists and locals alike like to go there. These night markets offer a variety of Hainan special snacks, as well as a variety of food processing stalls, tropical fruit stalls. And all kinds of small shops selling all kinds of trinkets. We will recommend the following locations.

Exploring the night market and indulging in late-night snacks. The most vibrant place at night in Sanya is undoubtedly the night market! Sanya boasts five main night markets where visitors and locals alike enjoy visiting. These markets offer a wide array of Hainanese speciality snacks, a street dedicated to seafood processing, tropical fruit stalls, and various small shops selling an assortment of trinkets. We will recommend the following place.

First Market
At the First Market during the evening, numerous small vendors set up stalls offering Hainanese specialities, coconut custard, and Hainanese-themed souvenirs. Illuminated by the vibrant lights, the market exudes a lively atmosphere. Enjoy a fresh seafood meal here and then indulge in some shopping, making the most of the night.

For those who want to sample a variety of delicious foods, this street will fulfill all your cravings. The vendors gradually set up their stalls, offering a stunning range of handcrafted goods. From tropical fruits to Hainanese speciality snacks, everything is tantalizingly tempting.

Sanya billion Heng theme night market

Sanya is the most circle of Internet celebrity night market! In the evening, in the Yiheng Night Market, many fixed stalls sell a variety of snacks, etc., about seven o 'clock began to lively, roadside traffic continues to flow, and between stalls and stalls are crowded with people. The night market not only sells snacks, but also all kinds of clothes, shoes and decorations. This street can satisfy your imagination of a night market, but in fact it is very crowded and lively.