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Popular Night Shows in Sanya

For those who are in a mood of going to a night show, there are popular cultural shows for you to choose from. Please email to or call us at 18084661009 for more information and reservation.

1. "Atlantis C Show" is a large-scale water show performed at the Atlantis Dolphin Bay Theater in Sanya since February 5, 2019. It is a unique show that combines water, land, and air elements and is created by top domestic teams and international industry experts. The show incorporates various elements such as water ballet, dance, acrobatics, and aerial art, and is the first 3D water stage theater production in Hainan Province.

The "C Show" tells an ancient and mysterious legend about the ocean, incorporating elements of comedy, adventure, and mythology. It aims to promote the positive energy of love and courage. It involves artists from 11 countries. The theater features a 15-meter-high, over 300 square meters giant curved LED movable video wall, which creates versatile scenes. The theater is designed with a three-sided surround audience seating, accommodating 1,800 spectators, providing an immersive experience. The central water stage has a record-breaking capacity of 7,000 cubic meters, equivalent to four Olympic standard swimming pools. The show features over 100 well-crafted costumes and accessories inspired by marine elements and made from special fabrics suitable for water stages, presenting the myth of Atlantis.

The "C Show" incorporates various performance elements such as water ballet, synchronized swimming, aerial silk, aerial hoop, and drumming, etc. The main actors ride on flying fish vessels that move along three tracks to perform intricate 3D movements, showcasing artistic excellence.

Performed twice daily at 16:00 and 19:00 at the Atlantis Dolphin Bay Theater in Sanya, with a total of 600 shows per year. The exact performance schedule is subject to announcement by the theater on the day of the show. Reservation is required.

Price: RMB288 per person


2. The show "Eternal Love of Sanya" is a performance, which is based on the magnificent history of Sanya spanning ten thousand years. It breaks through the conventional boundaries of space and sensation with its innovative stage design, filling every corner with the vibrant energy of the performance and captivating the visual and auditory senses of the audience.

Performed twice daily at 17:00 and 20:00  in the Sanya Eternal Love Scenic Area in Sanya. Reservation is required.

Price: RMB320 per person.