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Hot Spring

Soaking in hot springs in Hainan is a soothing and relaxing experience. Hainan is rich in geothermal resources, and many places have hot springs for people to enjoy.

Benefits of hot springs:

1. Relax body and mind: Hot springs help to relax tense muscles, relieve stress and fatigue, and promote physical and mental relaxation and rest.

2. Promote blood circulation: The warm effect of hot springs can promote blood circulation, increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients, which is conducive to good health.

3. Pain relief: Minerals and trace elements in hot springs have a relieving effect on arthritis, muscle pain, etc., which can reduce pain and discomfort.

4. Purify skin: The minerals in hot spring water can improve skin quality, help clear pores and reduce skin problems.

Recommended places to soak in hot springs:

1. Nanshan Hot Spring: Located in Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone of Sanya, it is a hot spring resort integrating hot spring, mineral spring spa and health care.

2. Wuzhizhou Island Hot spring: Wuzhizhou Island, located in Sanya City, has a hot spring bath and is located on an island with beautiful natural environment.

Hot springs need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Suitable temperature: Choose the hot spring water temperature that suits you, do not choose hot springs that are too hot or too cold.

2. Moderate time: The time of each hot spring should not be too long, generally 15 to 30 minutes is appropriate.

3. Drinking water and moisturizing: When soaking in hot springs, drink adequate amounts of water to keep the body fully hydrated.

4. Wash the body: Wash the body after soaking in hot springs to remove minerals and microorganisms in the hot water.


It is best to consult a doctor before bathing in hot springs to understand whether your physical condition is suitable for bathing in hot springs, and whether there are special precautions. Special groups such as pregnant women, people with high blood pressure and heart disease should be particularly cautious.


Qixianling Hot Springs is located 9 kilometers outside of Baoting County, Hainan. It is the hottest thermal mineral water in Hainan. The area has pleasant temperatures, fresh air, and a peaceful environment. Currently, there are five natural spring vents with a daily water output of over 3,000 tons and a maximum temperature of 95°C. The water is clear, odorless, and of weak alkaline, low mineralization, and heavy sodium fluoride-silicon therapy hot spring water. It contains various beneficial minerals for the human body and has high medicinal and health value. Several hot spring resorts and guesthouses have been built in the area to provide leisure and relaxation for tourists. Activities include mineral spring recuperation, cultural experiences of ethnic minorities, and mountain hiking for sightseeing.

Please click here for our hotel recommendation in Baoting. If you are interested in Hot spring, can consider to stay one or two nights in Baoting. Every hotel has hotspring pools. It takes around 90m drive from Sanya.