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Where to Shop in Sanya

 With its unique geographic features, Sanya offers every visitor an enduring experience and memory of the sea. Add to that the chance to purchase souvenirs, attractive in both price and quality, and bring them back home.

1. Coconut Products: are popular specialities in Hainan, known for their delicious flavors. Apart from familiar items like coconut candy and coconut powder, there are various coconut slices, coconut cookies, coconut balls, and coconut cakes, all carrying the rich aroma of coconut. They are truly tempting!


 Sanya Mango is also a signature specialty of Sanya and a trademark product of agricultural products of the Ministry of Agriculture. It is a tropical fruit, which can only be eaten in Hainan.


3. Hainan Green Tea: Thanks to Hainan's favorable climate, tea varieties from Hainan have diverse flavors and excellent quality. Wuzhishan black tea, Baisha green tea, Tianchi cloud mist tea, and Jianfeng agarwood tea are all famous teas unique to Hainan. Hainan's tea-growing region is characterized by a typical low latitude, high altitude tropical maritime monsoon climate, with foggy winters and springs and cloudy summers and autumns, abundant rainfall. It is a traditional high-quality tea production area.


4. Coffee: Hainanese have a tradition of having coffee during afternoon tea. Hainan is a paradise for growing Robusta coffee, which has a unique taste that is not bitter, fragrant, and slightly fruity. It can be considered as a premium coffee variety.

5. Craft Jewelry: Hainan is rich in a variety of craft jewelry made from shells, coconut shells, and Bodhi seeds, among others. These are excellent souvenirs with distinct Hainan characteristics. Bringing these beautiful accessories with a hint of the sea breeze to friends adds a touch of romance.

Jenny's Tip: Hainan's major supermarkets offer Hainan specialities for sale. For valuable items, it is recommended to purchase from reputable stores or specialty shops.