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Spa & Massage in Sanya

Sanya, a noted tourist resort with mountains, sea and beaches, is a great destination to truly relax. It attracts large numbers of visitors from both home and abroad every year. But how do you make your Sanya holiday much more in style? The spas and massages must not to be missed. If you stay in the moderate hotels in Sanya, you can try their spa or massage. Most of the hotels in Sanya have spa or massage center.  picks some of the finest among a great number of spas and massages in Sanya downtown. Please contact us for reservation or other options.

Most of the spa in Sanya are Thai style.

1.iSap JW Marriott (near Atlantis) : Open from 14pm to 23pm

2.LIAN SPA Falmaine Valmont (Haitang Bay) : Open from 11am to 22pm

3.Kwai Technology Beauty SPA (Poly China Railway Central Plaza) : Opening hours: 9.30am - 21.30pm

4.Zunyue SPA (Dadonghai) : Open 24h

5.Yalong Bay Marriott Spring Spa (Yalong Bay) : Opening hours: 11am - 23pm

6.ISY(downtown Sanya, near Sanya Bay and Dadonghai): Opening hours: 12 am - 3 PM

7.Seclusion Health Club (Tianya District) : Opening hours: 10 am to 2:30 am

8.Meet Tai Tai MASSAGE&SPA (Song of Youth) : Opening hours: 12:30am to 12:30am


9.Liantai SPA (Sanya Bay Kangnian Hotel) : Opening hours: 11am - 23:30pm