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Water Sports& Scuba Diving

Being a seaside tropical city, Sanya has many water sports to offer, including scuba diving, kite surfing, swimming, fishing and surfing. The beaches are well-kept and the water is clean. The favorable climate in the city makes beach activities feasible all year round.

Diving in Hainan is an exciting and unforgettable experience. Hainan has a rich Marine ecosystem and clear waters that provide excellent conditions for diving. Diving allows people to observe and contact a variety of Marine life up close and explore the mystery of the underwater world.

Benefits of diving:

1. Explore the world: Diving allows people to enter a whole new world and admire the magnificent coral reefs and colorful fish on the bottom of the sea.

2. Relax body and mind: Diving is a kind of physical and mental relaxation activity, there is no other external interference, only the quiet underwater world.

3. Exercise: Diving requires endurance and flexibility, and has a certain exercise effect on the body's coordination and muscle strength.

4. Improve self-confidence: Overcoming the challenges and fears of the underwater environment, diving can increase self-confidence and the ability to calmly cope with problems.


Hainan has several famous diving destinations:

1. Sanya: Sanya has rich dive site resources, there are snorkeling and deep diving options, including Yalong Bay, Dadonghai and Xidao.

2. Haikou: Haikou also has some diving spots, the most famous being the clear and transparent Arcade Bay.

Recommended places to dive:

1. Yalong Bay: Yalong Bay is one of the most famous diving spots in Sanya, with abundant coral reefs and various tropical fish.

2. West Island: West Island is a small island with very good diving conditions, high underwater visibility, and plenty of coral, fish and turtles.

3. Ranglou Bay: Located in the downtown area of Haikou, Ranglou Bay is a suitable diving spot for beginners, with clear water and various Marine life.

Diving should pay attention to the following points:

1. Be prepared: Perform the necessary health check before diving and use the appropriate diving equipment.

2. Follow the rules: diving should comply with the relevant diving rules and safe operations, do not exceed their training and experience.

3. Pay attention to safety: Follow the instructions of the dive guide, pay attention to the depth and time limit of the dive, and ensure a safe return.

4. Protect the environment: When diving, respect the Marine environment and do not touch or damage coral reefs and other Marine life.

5. Choose a regular club or coach to avoid a bad experience.


TIP: It is best to receive some diving training and understand some diving knowledge and skills before diving, so that you can better enjoy the fun of diving.


1. Yalong Bay: Suitable for diving throughout the year, with high visibility and diverse coral species.
2. Wuzhizhou Island: The visibility of seawater ranges from 6 to 27 meters, with well-preserved coral reefs. It is one of the few islands in the world that has no reefs but is a mixture of pebbles. The disadvantage is that there are more tourists, and the water may be turbid in winter.

3. Jiajing Island and Dazhou Island: Surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on one side, offering high visibility of seawater. Good for snorkeling.