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Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Located at the Nanshan Mountain, the southernmost mountain in China, 40 km west of Sanya, is a rare extra large-scale eco-cultural tourism zone with an area of 50 square km including sea area of more than 10 square km. Backing on its beautiful sea and mountain and resorts including Buddhism Park, Historical Site in India, World of Auspicious and Longevity, Statues of Fair Tales, Gate Scenery District, relevant hotels, vocation villas and other facilities. Among those the construction of Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Theme Park was started in April 1998. The park consists of sites and sceneries with Buddhist Culture including “Nanshan Temple”, “Nanshan Guangyin Statue on South Sea”, “Savior Garden”, “Auspicious Garden”, “Longevity Valley” and “Small Moon Bay”. There are attractions like “Gold and jade Guanyin Statue” which has been put into the word Guinness Record, the world largest Stone ink “Dragon-Phoenix Stone Ink”, “Brahma Bells Garden”, and further more a marvelous phenomenon and world focus, the giant Nanshan Guanyin Statue with ”three figures in one” standing on the South Sea with the height of 108 meters, called “The No. 1 Statue project in the world as well as in the century”. The project took construction period of 6 years and had a Grand Buddhist Revealing Ceremony on April 24, 2005. It was really a great event of Buddhism occurring only once in a thousand years.

45 minutes from Yalong Bay, 20 minutes from Sanya Bay, 30 minutes from Dadonghai or Sanya downtown.

Opening Hours: 8am-7pm, all year round

Entrance Fee: RMB150/person.