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Monkey Island

Monkey Island is located on Nawan Peninsula in Linshui County, Sanya city, Hainan Province. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is not only the only island-based macaque nature reserve in China but also in the world. The park is home to over a thousand macaques, so earning it the nickname "Monkey Island."

To access Monkey Island, visitors have two options. You can take the sightseeing cableway directly to the park from the peninsula, or they can take a boat to the peninsula's pier and then board the park's sightseeing vehicle to reach Monkey Island Park.

Approximately 14 kilometers south of Linshui County, Sanya city, Hainan Province. The island is narrow and elongated, covering a total area of 10.2 square kilometers, with 12 mountain peaks rising and falling continuously. The mountains are dotted with numerous caves and peculiar rocks.

Round 40 minutes drive from Sanya.

Opening Hours: 8am-5:20pm, all year round

Entrance Fee: RMB154 per person

Jenny's tip:

- Do not make direct eye contact with the monkeys.
- Avoid disturbing monkey mothers with their infants.
- Refrain from wearing bright-colored clothing.

- There are many local fishing boats offerring fresh seafood, dining on the boat is a unique experience.