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Minority Village Sanya (Binglang Gu)


Binglanggu lies in the Ganza Ridge Natural Reserve on the border land of Sanya city and Baoting county. It covers an area of 369 mu (24.6 hectares), about 28 kilometers away from Sanya city. It is named Binglanggu because it is formed by a several kilometers continuous vale, covered with thousands of arecas and lush jungles at both sides. The reserve consists of three spots, the primitive Li village, the ecological miao village and the tropical jungles, it is one of the most featured attractions and satisfied 10 scenic spots.


Hainan is home to a large population of ethnic minorities, predominantly the Li (黎) and Miao (苗) Ethnic Groups, and you can find out more about them at this park. The park is very commercial with a large number of shops, snacks for sale and (paid) opportunities for photographs with locals in traditional costumes or with indigenous animals. Despite this, it appears that there has been a genuine attempt to show the traditional life and customs of the two minoritiese, and the park appears less tacky than some other similar attractions elsewhere in China. It is probably also a relatively good way for money to be returned to the local community. It will take you 3-4 hours to see in its entirety. Be prepared though to fight your way through Chinese tour groups shouting "Blong" as often as they can, the Miao word for hello, and try to eat before you leave as the restaurants outside the park are overpriced.

40 minutes from Yalong Bay

90 minutes from Sanya Bay

50 minutes from Dadonghai or Sanya downtown

Opening Hours: 8:30am-6pm, all year round

Entrance fee: RMB200 per person(All-in-one ticket)

                     RMB100 per person (entrance ticket only)


You can find out the customs of the Li People, who is the original habitants of Hainan Island.

You can also enjoy the variety of the tropical fruit, special Li Ethnic snack, the most native and sweet Shanlan wine, the original-taste wild vegetable dish, the exciting sky rope way and the leisure buggy.