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Visitors could also reach the island by flight,by Ferry, by Train orby Bus. Middle, east and west-line, the three arterial highways from Haikou to Sanya as well as the east-line Express way going through the eastern from north to south complete the land traffic skeleton of the whole island.

The best popular way is by flight. As a port city, 90% of the visitors arrive in Haikouand Sanya by flights. Haikou is the capital of Hainan Island, so there are more flights to Haikou.  Sanya is the highlight for your holiday in Hainan Island. So if there is no direct flight from your departure city to Sanya, we would suggest via Guangzhou as there are more than 10 flights from Guangzhou to Sanya daily. The second way is to fly to Haikou then come down to Sanya to bus or Taxi or private car. It takes 3.5 hours from Haikou to Sanya by private car. If you have more time, you can come by train.Please click here for more information.