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Sanya, known as the “Hawaii of the Orient,” features many beaches, warm weather and natural and coastal vistas.

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Whether you are looking for an international brand resort hotels or more modest accommodation or budget hostels and serviced apartments, there is a great selection from which to choose.  Before you decide your accommodation, you need to choose which beach you will stay firstly, Yalong BayDadonghai, or Sanya Bay or the New well-known beach of Haitang Bay, Shimei Bay, Riyue wan Bay? then select the resort.

There are over 1000 international brand and local hotels in Sanya, we are listing our recommendation to you. All the hotels and resorts on our site provide full information, such as rates and discounts, graphics of rooms, sport, recreation, function, food and cuisine facilities to ensure you a comfortable and memorable stay.



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Budget hotels and Serviced Guesthouses&Apartments        

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