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Full Day Tour Package

Hainan is also famous for its tropical natural attractions except the beach. And most of the specific attractions are in or near Sanya. Here we would recommend the very popular day tour packages for your reference. If our recommendation can not reach your needs, please email to with your requests, we will work out a proper offer to you.

Full Day Tour package options All of our offers are for minimum 2 persons, including round transfer by private car, and entrance fee. Reservation is required. Please email to for booking or further information. 

1. Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone - End of the Earth, Sanya Bay at RMB380/person, min. 2 persons.

2.West Island, Sanya Bay at RMB300/person, min. 2 persons.


3. Monkey islandHaitang Bay, at RMB350/person, min. 4 persons. For only 2 persons, we will charge RMB100/person more. If you want to have seafood lunch on the boat rafting near the Monkey island, it cost RMB150/person more.


4. Baihua Rainforest in Qiongzhong County, Riyue wan Bay or Shimei Bay in Wanning City, at RMB600/person, min. 4 persons. For only 2 persons, we will charge RMB200/person more. Local lunch included.

5. Dazhou Island for sightseeing and snorkeling and fishing from around 8am till around 5pm at RMB700 per person. The cost includes private round transfer from hotel to the port where we will board the island via boat; the boat tickets, equipments of snorkeling and fishing, etc.

Dazhou Island, also known as Yanwo Island, is located on the sea off the southeast of Wanning City, Hainan Province, around 90m drive from Sanya. It is the only national-level marine nature reserve on the coastal line of Hainan and the largest uninhabited island on the coastal line. The Island consists of two islands and three peaks, with an area of about 4.36 square kilometers and a highest peak of 289 meters. It is the only habitat for Golden Swallows in China. Dazhou Island is also a popular tourist destination for its beautiful sea views. The island is divided into North Xiaoling, South Daling, and is connected by a 500-meter-long beach in the middle. The island is known for its unique rock formations and clear surrounding waters, with visibility of 5 to 10 meters underwater on average. The underwater world is teeming with diverse marine life, making it suitable for activities such as diving, underwater exploration, and photography.

Jenny's tip: nearly virgin beach, best choice to visit and snorkeling.